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Proposed Gamston Fields Development

Representatives of Barwood Land and Taylor Wimpey made a presentation at the 9th November Holme Pierrepont and Gamston Parish Council Zoom meeting.

This is part of a public pre-application consultation regarding the proposed re-development of the area between the A52 Lings Bar and Tollerton, to be known as Gamston Fields. This parish council meeting, like all others, was open to public participation.

 The presentation related to part of the “Gamston Fields Master plan”. This sets out their vision for the whole of the new development but currently without the agreement of the other land owners to adhere to said plan.

 The area for housing development does not fall within the parish of Holme Pierrepont and Gamston, but within Tollerton Parish, although it will clearly affect both.

 It can be seen in the following maps here. The upper map shows the full Master Plan development and the lower map, of the development up to 2028 by Barwood Land and Taylor Wimpey.

 To give some history to this, the site was identified for development to meet the Government housing delivery figure imposed on Rushcliffe BC to provide 12,000+ new homes within their area.

 The Core Strategy which is part of the local Plan has been approved by Rushcliffe BC as far back as 2014. This identified the area that is the subject of this and a previous consultation that will run up to 2028 detailing how these targets will be met. It can be viewed here.

 The whole proposed Gamston Fields development could see up to 4,000 new homes built with 2,250 being delivered between 2023 and 2028, together with eventually 3 new schools, work and community facilities.

 It also proposes alterations to the Lings Bar, dualling part of it, improving access to the new site and the existing Lings Bar access into Gamston (Ambleside/Goose junction).

 To give you an idea of the scale of the proposal, the existing Gamston development of new housing stock built in the 1990’s between Radcliffe Road, Lings Bar and up to Edwalton, is approximately the same size as this proposal. This would mean a new resident population of circa 10,000 in the development, with an unknown working population travelling into the proposed Industrial area

 Tollerton Parish Council will respond in due course.

 The response of Holme Pierrepont and Gamston Parish Council is posted here and forwarded to Barwood Land and Taylor Wimpey.

 We encourage the public to have their say and comment can be made using and selecting the Feedback Tab. They have asked for feedback before 20th November.