The Parish Council are coordinating a response within the community to the current situation.

The Playpark off Ambleside had been closed due to COVID, but we have received advice around risk assessment and as soon as measures can be put in place we hope to reopen it.

The Village Hall will remain closed until further notice. We regret this move but hope that the community will understand why it is still necessary.

Volunteer to Help

If you feel you can spare some time to help those less able then or if you need assistance yourself, please contact the Parish Council on either 07432 620204 or 07786 141066.

Alternatively email

A number of local businesses are offering help and details can be viewed here

There is also a Facebook Page for the Gamston Community offering information about local shops etc and it can be viewed here

The Gamston Medical Centre opening hours have changed and can be viewed here

The NHS Coronavirus Status Checker can ve viewed here