Village Hall

Gamston Village Hall NG2 6NX


The hall is located on Old Tollerton Road in the heart of Gamston parish and easily accessed by foot. It can hold up to 40 people.  For Directions click here.

We encourage travel to the Village Hall by walking or cycling.  When driving, please park considerately following our guidance HERE.

Please DO NOT PARK in such a manner to cause an obstruction, including on narrow sections of road, on the pavement, or over driveways/access.

The hall is available for hire and a number of groups meet regularly - see Contact Information below. 

To download or print a copy of the Village Hall booking form, which shows current hire rates, please click here.

To hire the hall please contact Rebecca Logue

Telephone: 07786 141066

For CCTV Policy click here.

Contact Information for groups using the hall:

  • Baby Classes by inHale:
    • Tiny Daisies - Baby Massage & Postnatal Relaxation classes from birth to 6 months.
    • Wriggly Daisies - Baby Yoga, Sensory story & play classes from 4.5 months to independently walking.
Contact: Hayley Cockayne: 07717 843316



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