By far the greatest number of colonisers of Nottinghamshire were the Danes. Where there was an existing Anglian settlement, a Dane would lay claim to the village or hamlet and name it for himself by using his name followed by the English word "TUN" meaning farm or village.

A Danish settler named Gamul laid claim to the existing small hamlet and farmland of about 100 acres by calling it "Gamulstun".

Following the Norman conquest the village featured in the 1086 Doomsday Book as Gamalstune and came under the lands of William Peveril.

Doomsday Book Entry

Total population: 2 households (very small).
Total tax assessed: 0.8 geld units (very small).


Head of manor: Clifton I.
Taxable units: Taxable value 0.8 geld units.
: 2 freemen.
: 1 ploughland (land for). 1 men's plough teams.
Other resources
: Meadow 7 acres.
Lord in 1066
: Countess Gytha (of Hereford)
Lord in 1086
: William Peverel



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  • 1851 – 124
  • 1901 – 96